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Welcome beloved sexual seekers, couples , women and men.

My name is Lana , I am extremely open minded. My purpose is to assist you into sexual bliss. 

With so many down grading low energy sexual experiences out there. Let’s come together to embrace and heighten our vibration through sexual energy. 

Join me on a day to day. I’m very creative with a imagination. So who knows what I’ll be doing. Let’s have some fun together! Let me surprise you daily with anything from a hot sensual bath or a sexy strip tease just for you. 

I’m adventurous – just watch what I get into in public. I’m bisexual and enjoy playing with my female friends. 

Let’s explore our deepest fantasies

I love to role play! I often dress up in sexy costumes. 

Do you want to learn how to utilize your sexual energy and feel more energized not depleted? I practice few sexual energy techniques. After a hard day let me guide you through a relaxing sexual bliss. 

We all have to need to feel a connection with someone special. I love to make true special friends. 

More about me :

I was born and raised in Los Angels California. I’m Mexican , Thai and Irish mix. My sexual preference is men & women. 

I enjoy cooking , working out , camping, exploring nature, I meditate daily and love Kundalini. I’m a reiki practitioner and I enjoy helping others. My friends tease calling me a hippie. I just feel I’m among those realizing there is more than what have been told. I’m a free spirit let’s be free together. 


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